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Local History

In 1837, an explorer found excellent grazing land in an area now known as Koonung Creek. Further south were gentle hills extending to a runnel known as Gardiner’s Creek.

It was in this vicinity that the City of Box Hill grew.
It was January 11, 1891 when The Salvation Army came to Box Hill with their banners, flags and drum, to proclaim the Gospel to the people as they marched along White Horse road on a hot summer’s morning, to their rented premises at 1020 White Horse road.


The Reporter (local newspaper) Friday, January 30, 1891 said:

"Residents of Box Hill were roused out of their lethargic state last Wednesday evening, when the Salvation Army head-quarters band, numbering some twenty-eight performers, marched through the principal streets of the township, playing some of their melodious airs . . ."


So it was then – and today the Army is still in town as a prominent community church serving the needs of the people of Box Hill; spiritually and practically. Our location, of course, has changed from Whitehorse Road in 1891 to our present location at 17-23 Nelson Road.

In 2004, a book was published containing some of the above excerpts titled "Where A City Grew" and can be obtained for $25 from the corps office in Nelson Road.



A brief history on The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army was founded more than 100 years ago and grew from the commitment of a minister who dedicated his life to helping the poor.

William Booth, founder and first General of the Salvation Army, initiated the work that soon spread around the world. more...